TYCA Midwest 2017

by Suzanne Labadie

Last fall, I attended TYCA Midwest in St. Louis, Missouri, presenting on my strategies for overcoming apathy as a professional during shifting political climates and in a sometimes uneasy work environment. You’re looking at one of those strategies: bringing people together over one thing we all have in common, writing.

The conference was, as always, a great chance to connect with other faculty around the region who are experiencing the same conditions as we are over here at OCC and, of course, the political environment we find ourselves in these days. My colleague, Michelle Byrne, from University of Akron, wrote a reflection on election day that combined both a response to the election and her experience at the conference. I share it here with you, as I found it so heartening myself. Byrne talks about a sense of “losing patience” with her students and herself, and how she handled that sense of frustration. It’s a great read. Click on the image below to view the article:


The 2017 TYCA conference will meet in St. Paul, Minnesota, this coming October. I hope some of you will be there with me! If you’re interested in submitting a proposal, you can check out the Call for Proposals Here.


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