Poem: “Dear Brain”

Dear Brain

at school

I raised my hand to answer a question

& my arm flipped right off,

thudding on Becky Dozer’s desk behind me.

wrong answer, I thought.

Becky simply brushed the arm

to the floor.

Mikey O’Brien was called on

by the teacher & when he started to talk,

his voice disappeared, silence, nada,

completely gone.

we looked down this throat

to find his vocal cords

ripped out.

Bob the Bruiser was summoned

to the chalkboard for math drills,

but both legs broke off

as soon as he stood up.

we lifted his torso back

to the seat as Becky kicked his legs

under the desk. (stanza break)

the teacher rubbed her chin & frowned.

you know, she said, education

is not always easy. you have to give up

one thing to take in another.

sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

she said, now, who wants to be the first

to cut out

the heart of a frog?


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