Motivation and Meaningful Learning

“The truth is, however, that meaningful learning must arise organically. If we are not intrinsically motivated to learn…there will be no greater reward from our studies.”

NCTE Blog: Teachers, Schools, and Civil Discourse

A recent article on NCTE’s blog considers the role politics play in the classroom. This thoughtful piece, by Joanna Perrillo, NCTE Member and teacher educator, offers one perspective: “Now, as much as at any time in our history, teachers across the nation, Democrat, Republican, and Independent, will need to serve as beacons and instructors of civic…

Post-Election Poetry

One adjunct instructor shares a collaborative poem created with her students the day after the 2016 election.

Recent publication from TETYC

A recent article from TETYC investigates how writing programs, writing instructors, and the profession itself engage in the erasure of race—of blackness and brownness specifically—and perhaps most importantly in a hesitancy to address white privilege.

Student Success Seminar Offers Amazing Insight

Student Success Seminar Offers Amazing Insight! by Tom Jones As the Fall semester began, a group of highly educated and trained administrators offered a series of student success seminars promoted as “Guaranteed to Make Your English Class a Breeze!”  As you can imagine, students were lined up outside the ASC to attend.  The presenters were all administrators…

Tipping the Scales

Royal Oak English faculty member Brianne Bouska reflects on being a new mom and back to work in the literacy classroom.

It works for me…

In this “It Works for Me…” post, Suzanne Labadie looks at an assignment that is new to her online ENG 1520 class.